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NOSTRA Seminar on the link between coast and hinterland Strait of Messina - Reggio Calabria - From 25 to 27th February 2014

At the invitation of the Province of Reggio Calabria, all project partners gathered for the first event of 2014 in order to share experiences and practices on the necessary link between coastal and hinterland areas in the Straits. A serie of presentations were made by local stakeholders from the strait of Messina on various cross-cutting topics such as transport, biodiversity and economy. Innovative and prospective projects related to the strait of Messina, one of the main maritime gateway in the Mediterranean Sea were also presented.

You will find all the presentations available under the Document Section of the website.

2014, last year of the project, is dedicated to the "Think and Act" activities. Thus, partners also started working on the content of two of the main project results : the Project Baseline Study and the 46 good practices shared since the beginning of the project.



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