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NOSTRA - Workshop n°1 Seascapes Report Available

Workshop 1 Kent 16 – 18 January 2013

The first NOSTRA workshop focused on “Seascape and Maritime Spatial Planning” and took place near Dover, it was coordinated and chaired by Kent Country Council.

Presentations from the Marine Management Organisation, Natural England and English Heritage set the scene on UK Marine Planning, before Land Use Consultants went on to present the pilot Seascapes Character Assessment (SCA) for Dover Strait, which was completed for the workshop. SCA is a technique which has been developed from Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) in the UK and is about to be incorporated into the first ever Marine Plans, which are being drawn up in the UK under the Marine & Coastal Access Act 2009. Utilising a wide variety of data, seascapes can help to identify the natural, cultural and aesthetic characteristics of an area to assist with better informed decision making and policy development.

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Follow up to the workshop will include analysis of how this approach could be applied for other straits. In the EU context, the adoption of a seascapes approach could also help to deliver the aims of the European Landscape Convention and Marine Strategy Framework Directive.



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