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2012 - See and Learn

2012 is the year dedicated to "see and learn".

Two straits will be visited during a study visit. One already has a bi-national governance tool in use (Kvarken). The second is currently working on the setting up of an EGTC (Strait of Bonifacio). Both should enable the partners to have a precise idea of questions raised around such tools and their efficiency considering the project goals. During those events the partners will meet all the local actors involved in the different issues straits face (environment, transport…) and see how they are implicated in their governance.

The meeting, which was held on the 3rd April was the official launching conference of the project.The event was an opportunity to present the objectives and the 16 partners of the project. Local stakeholders debated during a round table on the topic of "cross-border governance straits: a solution to preserve biodiversity and natural heritage". Moreover, the political representatives of the partners signed at the end of the meeting a partnership agreement for the implementation of the project.

Presentation of the Council of Kvarken launched in 1972, bringing together the communities along both sides of the strait. A technical study visit will be organised as part of the project to analyse and understand in detail the functioning of the cross-border governance tool.

Presentation of the European grouping of territorial cooperation being established on the strait, called the International Marine Park of the Strait of Bonifacio, under Italian status.


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