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2014 - Think and Act

2014 is the year dedicated to think and act, with 3 cross-cutting seminars to highlight the link between all the issues tackled previously and help having an idea of the ideal governance tool to ensure the preservation of the straits. Three seminars took place:

At the invitation of the Province of Reggio Calabria, all project partners gathered for the first event of 2014 in order to share experiences and practices on the necessary link between coastal and hinterland areas in the Straits.

This seminar organised by the Corsican Environment Office focused on capitalisation of INTERREG cross-border projects within straits. Many examples from the Strait of Bonifacio were given.

The last seminar has been be dedicated to the finalisation of policy recommendations, including the good practices guide, and implementation plans.

The project final conference took place on 22nd October in Brussels in presence of political representatives of all the partners. It was a very good opportunity to communicate on the project results.

A final meeting was organised in Trapani in December 2014 to think about the future of the cooperation.



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