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Presentation of the action plan from the INTERREG IVC project NOSTRA Local event of the Open Days 2015

The 28 october 2015

Palace of the Province


Piazza Italia, 1


89125 Reggio Calabria (Italy)

Event type :
Territory :
Horaires : 9h30-14h

This event is organised by the Province of Reggio Calabria, partner of the INTERREG IVC NOSTRA project on cross-border governance of European straits. It will be chaired by Raffa GIUSEPPE, President of the Province of Reggio Calabria, Pasquale CATANOSO, Rector of University of Reggio Calabria and Gianfranco NERI, Director of Dept. Art of University of Reggio Calabria.


Other speakers:


BARRESI Alessandra, Professor of Urban Planning – University of Reggio Calabria
CRUCITTI Amelia, Director of Dep. Environment and Territory of Region Calabria
CATALFAMO Domenica, Director of sector transport and territory Province of Reggio Calabria
FORESTIERI Francesco, Official of sector environment and Energy – Province of Reggio Calabria
MORACI Francesca, Professor of Urban Planning – University Reggio Calabria




The local event in Reggio Calabria will highlight the increased commitment of local authorities to work on European issues in the strait of Messina. This will be the opportunity to share the results of the Interreg IVC Project NOSTRA «Network of Straits» in the strait of Messina and to discuss the role of the European Straits initiative (ESI) to tackle the major challenges of the Strait of Messina together with similar local authorities bordering other European straits and to improve the delivery of European policies at local level. A particular attention will be given to consider how the results of NOSTRA Project and the European Straits initiative can participate to the development of an integrated region with innovative governance, in the heart of the Euro-Mediterranean Region.


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