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NOSTRA Guide of Good Practices

The good practices guide gathers the 50 good practices that have been identified all along the three years of NOSTRA project.

The first part of the good practices guide is dedicated to a presentation of NOSTRA project. Its origins with the European Straits Initiative are mentioned. The main objective of the project is detailed, along with the 3-year methodology that has been developed to reach this objective. The main results and recommendations of the baseline study at the scale of the partnership are stressed out. Finally, each of the 16 partners of the project is presented, as well as the main features of the strait they belong to.

The second part of the good practices guide is properly dedicated to the presentation of the 50 good practices, ordered in 7 categories:

For each theme, the link is made with the main focus of the project, “preservation of biodiversity and the natural environment”, in order to explain why the partners chose to work on this thematic. The different good practices corresponding to the theme are presented shortly; the best practices, that is to say the practices that have raised the most of enthusiasm from the other partners, benefit from a full page.

Download the guide of good practices in all the languages of the project in the documents section of the website.


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