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2013 - Analyse and Study

2013 is the year dedicated to analyse and study.

4 workshops will be organised, with the aim to identify and analyse good practices for the sustainable development of straits. They will be analysed during the workshops in order to select among them at least 3 best practices per workshop, which will be presented in the best practices and policy recommendations guide. This guide will be prepared progressively throughout the project’s lifetime, its content being fed with the insight collected during the activities. The partners will also start working on their implementation plans.

The four areas identified as having an impact on the natural heritage of the straits will be analysed in detail in workshops:

The first NOSTRA workshop focused on “Seascape and Maritime Spatial Planning” and took place near Dover, it was coordinated and chaired by Kent Country Council. Presentations from the Marine Management Organisation, Natural England and English Heritage set the scene on UK Marine Planning, before Land Use Consultants went on to present the pilot Seascapes Character Assessment (SCA) for Dover Strait, which was completed for the workshop.

The second NOSTRA workshop focused on “Tourism and Cultural Heritage” and took place in Otranto, it was coordinated and chaired by the province of Lecce. All partners shared their practices and experiences in the field of Tourism and Cultural Heritage that ensure a sustainable development of the straits.

At the invitation of County of Ostholstein and the Danish region of Zealand, the partners met two days on Fehmarn and Lolland, to discuss the ship's safety in the straits and environmentally friendly as possible traffic.

From 1st to 4th October, NOSTRA partners were in Gulf in Finland exploring good practices and initiatives led by both Estonian and Finnish partners and exchanging about projects related to "Coast and Hinterland Economy".


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